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We are unique team of innovators changing how public safety and emergency management approach technology.

Work With Us

From custom training courses and exercises to workshops and seminars, our unique and engaging instruction pairs innovation with capacity-building.

Industries We Serve

Public Sector

Local, county, state, federal, and other public-sector entities involved in emergency management, disaster response, and homeland security.

Who We Serve

  • Government
  • Higher Ed
  • Healthcare
  • Other Agencies
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Private Sector

Technology Companies and others such as training consortiums, nonprofit organizations, disaster response teams, research groups, and event venues.

Who We Serve

  • Technology Companies
  • Nonprofit Organizations
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Our Services

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With technical expertise and experience in academia, public safety, and the public and private sectors… a vast knowledge-base from which to draw upon in the classroom.


Market & competitive analyses, planning, focus group facilitation, research, and guidance to help navigate tough emergency management challenges.


Send your technology into the field with trusted agents to test, provide feedback, and enhance exposure for your products/service.

Demand Generation

Hone in your search engine optimization, pay-per-click and display advertising, intelligent sourcing, and other technical factors that lead to high-converting web traffic and warmer leads.

Customer Success Programing

Develop custom white-labeled training, helpdesk guides, technical documentation, in-depth exercises, and more to retain existing customers and grow deals.

Team Development

Train your marketing, sales, and executive leadership teams to make stronger decisions and better understand the public safety market.

Content Marketing

Educate prospective users, existing customers, and partners through custom-designed content & multimedia pieces.

Recent Projects

Industry – Higher Education

Work Type – Partnership

Industry – Government

Work Type – Training Exercise & Support

Industry – Startup

Work Type – Partnership

Industry – Government

Work Type – Speaking

Our Mission Areas


Deployment Support

Epicenter’s Deployment Support Unit (EDSU) can support your emerging incident or planned events with a wide range of technological expertise – UAV/Drone Operators, Digital Media Specialists, Weather Decision Support, GIS Specialists, Just-in-Time Training, and more!

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Educational Marketing

Our expertise doesn’t end in the classroom. With case studies, whitepapers, webinars, blog posts/articles, training programs, and other engagement tools, our Educational Marketing team will immerse your audience, drive buy-in, and increase understanding of concepts, technologies, and trends.

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Social Media

Social Media Team Building

As a leader in the emerging technology space, we have training and exercise packages for both regional (VOST) and campus-based (SMART) social media response teams. Our experts have trained thousands of emergency management professionals in social media emergency management!

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